Within Cornmill Shopping Centre we have over 45 shops – these are a mixture of famous names and local independent stores.

We provide all the amenities you would expect including fully accessible toilets, baby changing facilities and plenty of seating around the centre.

Additionally we offer a Photo-Me booth, Amazon pick-up point, Foodbank drop-off point, recycling bins, – and a range of rides for the kids.

We also have a great range of mall promotions offering a variety of specialist goods and services – look out for what’s new each week.

Events and activities

During school holidays and on special dates (i.e. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day) we often hold FREE EVENTS.

We try and ensure that these are high quality events that offer variety and are suitable for all ages wherever possible.

Check on our events page ahead of the holidays and at key seasons – more importantly, make sure you like our  Facebook Page as we set up and promote all events.

First Aid

Every one of our Centre’s staff team is fully trained in First aid. If you experience problems during your shopping trip or feel you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of centre staff – or at any retailer counter.

Lost children

We know how distressing it can be if you think you have lost your child whilst out shopping. If you feel you need assistance, please ask a member of centre staff or at any retailer and we will advise and assist as needed.

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