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St John Ambulance First Aid Demonstrations

The Cornmill Shopping Centre is working in partnership with St. John Ambulance to bring first aid to the community by teaching shoppers vital lifesaving skills.

On February 18th, St. John Ambulance Advocates will be inviting the Cornmill’s Kids Club members and local shoppers to join an interactive first aid session between 11am and 3pm at the centre, which aims to improve the knowledge of first aid practical skills among the community.

As part of St. John Ambulance’s campaign, Cornmill Shopping Centre will be hosting a pop-up event to support the notion that everyone should learn life-saving skills. Providing information and practical demonstrations for adults of children, attendees’ confidence of preforming medical care will increase allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently when first aid is needed.

The event will encourage shoppers to become part of the bigger picture to build a nation of lifesavers. The session will focus on assessing a casualty, putting casualties into the recovery position, CPR, dealing with chest pains, major bleeds and chocking.

Alongside the event, St. John Ambulance will be searching to recruit locals who would like to volunteer and share first aid techniques at future events around the town. They’ll be provided with training and support to inspire other people to learn life-saving skills.

Posted on 8th January 2020